Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Guest Post from Jodi Thomas, Author of Welcome to Harmony

In a few days WELCOME TO HARMONY will hit the stores and I don’t know when I’ve been so excited about a book coming out. This will be my 29th book. When I started writing I had two little kids and my hope was to make enough money to send them to college. Now all these books later, they are both out of college and I’m still writing.

A writer writes a story, climbs into a world and lives there for months. Then, the writer has to send the story off and let go of the characters for a while. With this book it wasn’t easy.

I open with Reagan, a runaway, being dropped off after dark on the Main Street of Harmony, Texas. Before the night is over, she’s stepped into a world she’s never known. A world where she can belong.

As I wrote it seemed like my characters came to me one at a time, sat down, and began to tell me their story. As the book moves through the weeks, you’ll meet a funeral director who cares about everyone he meets, a volunteer fire chief who loves what he does, a sheriff who fights every day to live up to her family, and a child who sees people for who they really are.

This story will touch your heart and make you laugh. By the time you finish, you’ll feel like Harmony is a real place.

Three love stories wind their way through the book. One is a story of first love between two teenagers. Another is a love story between two strong willed adults who have loved each other since childhood but are torn apart because of an accident. The third love story is between a middle aged kind man who had never found anyone he can talk too. He develops a relationship with a woman on line that he met one icy night when they were both forced of the road due to weather. Both are professionals dedicated to their work and not the kind of people used to sharing feelings.

I hope to keep you up late because you have to learn what happens to the folks in Harmony. So, come along with me for a visit.

Much love to you all,

Jodi Thomas

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