Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Substitute Yourself Skinny Cookbook:

The Substitute Yourself Skinny Cookbook: Cut the Calories, Keep the Flavor with Hundreds of Simple Substitutions!
Includes 175 Super-Slimming Recipes!

The Secret is in the Substitutions!

Diet cookbooks should be about dropping weight, not depriving yourself. By swapping this for that, you can turn your favorite foods into low-calorie creations -- proving once and for all that you can have your chocolate molten cake, and eat it too!

In this calorie-slashing collection, Bikini Chef-to-the-stars Susan Irby offers 175 inventive recipes for switching up ingredients that keep calories to a minimum. Complete with serving-size suggestions and "Skinny Secret" shortcuts to trim calories in little ways, here you'll get expertly crafted recipes that include offerings for every meal of the day, such as:

* Flat-Belly Eggs Benedict (with turkey ham instead of deli ham) -- save 411 calories!
* Gouda Burger (with lean ground turkey and portobello mushrooms) -- save 271 calories!
* Smitten for Molten Chocolate Cake (with less cream and fewer eggs) -- save 260 calories!

Get all the flavor -- minus the guilt!

My Thoughts - This book has a lot of great recipes. I stay away from prepackaged foods
and I don't eat anything low fat or fat free because of good fats and she has a lot of substitutions with that. But who am I to argue with The Bikini Chef.
I'm not going to stand around in my bikini cooking :)
There are many recipes I would eat and intend on trying.
Disclosure - A product was given for my honest opinion, no other compensation was given

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skyla11377 said...

This Cookbook Surprisingly Sounds Good. I Am A Very Fussy Eater And I Am Willing To Try This Cookbook Out.