Monday, June 7, 2010

Virtual Book Tour for Swimming with Wings

What do a 20th century light healer, a would- be debutante teen and a wandering gypsy have in common? A story of human brotherhood released only through the colliding dogmas surrounding their shared tragedy from long ago. Lark Jennison is a free thinker and imagines she has wings! Set in the 1970's in a small southern town laced with folk mysticism, faith healings and the evangelistic zeal of the era, Swimming with Wings is her coming of age story. 
Orphaned, seventeen-year-old Lark and her brother are the last generation of the illustrious Jennison lumber family, and her uncanny ability to read a person, along with her eccentric creativity, shine a spotlight of scrutiny upon her. When she falls for Peter Roma, a "river gypsy," she finds in him an equal, but is soon disturbingly set on a collision course with his fanaticism. The drowning accident that had killed their fathers remains a mystery, a harbinger of ill feelings between the Romas and the Jennisons. Is Peter Roma, a scammer, a real gypsy or Lark's personal savior? 
His grandfather had been a mystical light healer and heralded the rising tide of a new age; however, Peter's "being saved" interpretation of this leads him into a cult and a world of corruption.
In the end the question becomes who will save who? Lee Libro's writing style is southern lit with a modern twist and has been compared to that of Alice Hoffman. In Swimming with Wings the mystique of Practical Magic meets the human angst of Flannery O'Connor. Readers will enjoy an arresting blend of literary fiction, mystery and romance and ultimately a story about searching for direction, the hidden influences of ancestral roots and the forces that shape belief.

My Thoughts - Have you ever read a book that when it ended you said wow... I need to tell everyone about this? This is that book for me. This book was unique. Lark is a peculiar girl, I had to know about her, what made her tick. Libro paints such amazing picture in your head, you ARE THERE. I found out later that she is actually a painter. This was an in depth thought provoking book. My favorite part is how she handles spirituality, it neither bogs you down nor offends. Beautifully written and this is one for a book club!

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Jennifer said...

With such a positive review, how could I not read it? :)
-Jennifer Curley